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What To Do?

Image Courtesy of Maggie Smith /
Image Courtesy of Maggie Smith /

This is the website where I write about anything. I have several blogs and my main one is In it I write about writing. Writing is my job, my career.

Right now I am working on a novel, so I use my Tina Friesen website to chronicle my writing journey. I talk about what I am learning. I give tips to other writers. I share my process. But here is where I do my actual writing.

My novel is in the final editing stages, and I am trying to stay focused and motivated. Some of my followers are encouraging me and one of them directed me to Stephen Pressfield’s book, Do the Work. I went to his website and saw a compelling article entitled, How Hard is it to Turn Pro? A pro recognizes and overcomes resistance. A pro does the work.

I went to the site of someone who recently followed me and calls himself a “success junkie.” He recommends, among other things, cold showers. Yes, that’s it.

Then I was on YouTube and randomly clicked on Tony Robbins’ Clarity and Purpose. He stresses the importance of being very clear about what you want and having good reasons.

So, if I have clarity and purpose and do the work and overcome resistance, then I must succeed. I think I’ll start with a cold shower.