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Small Joys

“This is the best day ever!” Coming from my mid-twenties son, as he and his wife sat at the table with us, eating take-out burritos picked up from an authentic Mexican restaurant, this spontaneous announcement brought a smile to my lips.

IMG_3529The burritos might have had something to do with it, but I think what really sparked this elation was a success story. Our son and his dad had just roasted their first batch of coffee beans outside on the balcony.

They spent the earlier part of the afternoon watching online video clips of various methods of roasting beans and discovered a very simple, inexpensive technique. All they needed to do was buy the necessary equipment–a Jobmate 10A Heat Gun–and find a place that sold unroasted beans.

For roasting the beans they used a stainless steel bowl from the kitchen and then found a strainer to rapid-cool them. My husband had been practicing the art of making the perfect cup with his newly purchased Breville coffee maker, so they were set.

IMG_3527I think a few other ingredients went into this perfect day, one of which of course was an appreciation for a good cup of coffee. Smile. Father and son shared a vision, and a strategy, and the desire to take the action necessary to reach their objective. I also saw another ingredient that was perhaps of equal value–the ability to a revel in small joys.