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A Well Kept Secret


I want to put in a plug for Ivory Snow laundry detergent…”tough on stains, gentle for baby. For babies 0 – 18 months.” It costs $8.77 for a box that will wash 40 loads. When our boys were babies I used to use it to wash their diapers. I would rinse the diapers in the toilet and then wring them out and put them in a bucket with a lid until laundry day. I never used bleach. With Ivory Snow my diapers always came out bright white.

I have been having trouble getting our pillow cases white, no matter which detergent I try. My latest has been 2 x ultra ECOS from Costco and before that I used Tide, “h.e” Acti-lift, which is supposed to lift out stains. Not only was I not getting the stains out of our pillow cases but the collars of our clothes were not coming out clean either. One day I remembered how well Ivory Snow worked on diapers and decided to buy a box. I couldn’t find it at Superstore, but I found it at Walmart.

To my great satisfaction my pillow cases came out whiter and whiter with every wash and today I had another pleasant surprise. I threw my night gown with cranberry juice stains in with the sheets and pillows and when I took it out of the washing machine it had no stains! I could hardly believe it.

The detergent has a bit of a strange odour so I keep the box in a plastic bag. Give it a try and let me know if it works for you.


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    1. That is really unfortunate. You might request that your stores begin to carry it. Ivory Snow has been around for a long time but here in Canada it is becoming difficult to find and I am hoping it won’t suddenly be discontinued. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


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