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No After Christmas Blues

Have you ever experienced after Christmas blues? I have. Especially as a child. There seemed to be something missing in the gap between Christmas and New Years.

All the hype that precedes Christmas can leave us feeling a little bit empty when it’s over. That’s why I decided to think of Christmas as a season, instead of a day.

Some people take down their tree quickly to get back to regular life, while others keep it up to try and hang onto the feeling. The problem is that once the gifts are opened, there tends to be a bit of a let down because of all the hype that preceded this event. It’s understandable.

For me the solution has been to think of Christmas as a season. In November I begin shopping and planning my decorations. Then I put up the tree about a week into December. That way the house already has a Christmas feeling in anticipation of guests.

It’s always my dream to have people in around Christmas time and I keep trying to come up with imaginative ways to make this happen.

After Christmas we leave the tree up and “chill.” This turns out to be one of my favorite times of the season. I get to relax.

This is when I go on facebook and connect with friends and family. I make phone calls, have family in for egg nog, play games. I can actually read the book I got for Christmas and browse through old magazines. I think about the new year and make optimistic plans. I go for walk or drive around looking at Christmas lights. This is the time to do all of the “down time” activities I put off during the year.

It is especially a time to count my blessings. Leaving the remnants of Christmas around for awhile is a reminder to me of how fortunate I am.

The focus on others and on blessings and on relaxing and recharging has meant I no longer have after Christmas blues.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas Season!