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Are you a FB Follower or a Stalker?

I have a website, in fact, several, and I have followers. I know who they are. I appreciate them very much. Sometimes I hear from them and I appreciate that even more, just knowing they took the time to read, and wanted to respond. That’s awesome.

I don’t really care how many times someone visits my blog and doesn’t “comment” or “like” my post, but I feel differently about Facebook. Facebook is my life, not an edited article. For this reason I expect people who visit my site to let me know from time to time that they have dropped by and leave their calling card in the form of a “like” or a “comment.”

Sometimes I drift out of touch with FB friends. That is a reflection of what just happens in life. It’s impossible to keep in touch with everyone as often as we might like.

But at times I wonder if I have stalkers, people who are carrying on a one-sided relationship with me. It’s kind of flattering to think someone would stalk me, but it’s creepy too.

What makes a stalker different from a follower? The answer is probably similar to what makes an alcoholic different from someone who has a couple of drinks a week. They don’t want you to know how much they are drinking. A stalker would probably be embarrassed if you found out how often they visited your site. Maybe not, but for some reason they prefer to remain anonymous.

When I visit someone’s site I like to let them know I’ve been there. A simple “like” can do that. It’s good etiquette. It’s like smiling and waving as you walk by their house, as opposed to peeking in the window and ducking.

It is just weird to visit a person’s site multiple times without letting them know you’ve been there. Of course FB allows us to do that. Maybe it encourages it. But the better use of FB is to let someone know you take an interest in their life, don’t you think?


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