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Good Morning Prime Ministers!

ID-10010630Good Morning Prime Ministers,

Prime Minister Harper, out-going…Trudeau, in-coming Prime Minister.

Congratulations Prime Minister Trudeau on your victory! Your focus on the people paid off richly. You listened and that’s what Canadians wanted. They felt heard so they voted for you.

Prime Minister Harper, thank you for your hard work and dedication to the welfare of Canadians. In hindsight we will see your legacy more clearly. Canadians owe you a debt of gratitude.

As I listened to your speeches this evening, I heard the same thing. Both of you spoke of your love for Canada, your love for the people, your commitment to the welfare of Canada. But I heard you speak in different languages. Some listeners understood Harper. Others understood Trudeau. I think few understood both.

Prime Minister Trudeau, you have been a personal witness in your home of what it means to be Prime Minister of this great country. You have observed and you have analyzed, not only your father, but succeeding Prime Ministers.

The people love you, Justin Trudeau. They love the man. But will they love the leader? You must be asking yourself this question. You are only too aware of how easily public opinion can be swayed.

Leadership requires decision making, and decisions, by their nature, please some and disappoint others, include some and alienate others.

Canadians, and especially this generation, value a relational and inclusive approach. Prime Minister Harper, you were not afraid to alienate people when you thought it was for the good of the country. Yes, you were listening, but you could only please so many people.

Canadians will be watching you, Prime Minister Trudeau, and waiting to see who you will please. In a few years they will have another opportunity to cast their vote.