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Surviving the Pandemic – Early Morning Shooting

The noise I heard this morning around 5:30 a.m. turned out to be a fatal shooting in our back laneway where a 30 year old woman crashed her car into a fence and succumbed to gunshot wounds. It appears to be a targeted shooting.

This is the day after my sister’s mother-in-law passed away in hospital in the early morning and my sister-in-law’s mother died of covid later the same day. I also learned that evening of a woman in my mother’s complex dying and her daughter passing within the week. We knew the family well.

This follows my sister’s ex’s father, a close friend of the family, passing in hospital last week and another good friend of my mother’s passing the week before, as well as four people we know who have succumbed to covid in the past month.

These Manitoba families faced severe hospital visiting restrictions, funeral restrictions and a total ban on family gatherings during this extremely painful time of loss.

Surviving the pandemic has definitely taken on a new meaning.