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Surviving the Pandemic – Mixed Feelings Today

I went back on Facebook this week, after being off for a year, and I admit I have mixed feelings. I use Facebook primarily to keep in touch with people who do not live nearby. So it is great to see all my old “friends” again. The welcome I received was heart-warming.

My friend list is whittled down a lot and that’s OK. People move on.

I have mixed feelings because it is very apparent what Facebook approves of and what it censures. This means we all have to watch what we say. Somebody is policing us. The question is who is doing this and under what influence or duress? Why is it important to monitor, censor and control the conversation? To what end is this being done?

I admit it really shocked me when I saw innocent people censored on Facebook, including myself. Dissenting views are not tolerated. You go to Facebook “jail” or your “distribution” is limited, and “other things” are done affecting your Facebook experience.

This reminds me of what we have seen in the U.S. where the media has taken control of the conversation. The news is skewed. Anything that might reflect negatively on Democrats is concealed while the exact opposite applies to Republican news. A survey revealed that over 90% of reporting on Trump was negative. In four years the American elites never even acknowledged him as a legitimate president. Strangely all of this hasn’t had the dampening effect intended, since half the country still stands behind the president. The only explanation that fits, in my view, is that someone is playing heavy handedly with the press.

It is extremely dangerous to discredit the thinking of half of society. Hollywood and our institutions of higher learning have been used, with a great level of success, as platforms for social conditioning for the past century. They have succeeded in changing the way we think and behave. What Hollywood and our university professors scoff at, we scoff at.

I am under no illusion that only the interests of North America are being served by the social engineering experiment taking place right before our eyes. Or, to put it another way, the demise of America, along with its democracy and family values and trust in God, would suit certain entities very well.

We need to take a careful look. We may not like what we see. We may find that we have only been pawns when we have thought we were so very clever. The question is whether it is possible to disentangle ourselves.

There was a time when life was, oh, so simple.